Are Linux Based VPNS the Safest Choice?

When it comes to protecting your personal privacy, nothing is more important that picking a service that knows what they are doing and can ensure that its services and technicians are up to date on the latest security concerns.

A lot of them comes down to the technical ability of the VPN provider and what kind of systems they are using. Is it a system that uses a regular processor or is it entirely Linux based?

When you’re looking to address online security concerns it’s important to take into account what kind of system your company is using. Today we’re going to look at some of the factors that affect VPN servers and help you find one that suits you.

Do They Store Your Data?

Most VPN companies actually store your data on their own servers, this is a big issue and a lot of times it’s actually mandated processing in countries like Singapore or even some parts of the world. This is a serious issue when you’re using this kind of service for security.

Is your information really safe if you are basically selling it to an online company? I don’t think so. It’s a risky and scary investment that you need to be aware of. Storing data should not be occurring on the server-side.

How Safe Are Their Nodes? 

When it comes to using a VPN, nodes are the points where data is sent from one to the other. They are basically a doorway that protects your information and data from being captured by nefarious third parties. Keeping those nodes safe away from bad people is essential to your security and safety.

You can search online and see how safe those nodes actually are. In a countries those nodes are actually observed and monitored by the government. Take Turkey for example, VPNS in Turkey are 100% monitored by third party agents that can easily sell information to the government. This is a serious concern for anyone looking to voice political opinions.

Technical Staff

Having qualified technical staff is just as important as having the framework and infrastructure to be able to manage the technical requirements of your system. If that’s lacking then you won’t get any quality service, same idea holds true for web hosting. Without a strong foundation it’s easy to provide subpar service.

Asking questions about the technical setup of your company is a good way to find out if they are really up to par or just playing the part.

Final Thoughts

Finding a quality VPN in any country isn’t a huge problem and you can easily find a lot of them. One of the biggest things to keep track of is how well they have performed in the past and whether that will continue on in the future.

I hope this was a valuable lesson and for more info drop a comment! Peace!

The Importance of Web Hosting For Your Business

importance of web hosting

In today’s modern world, big and small businesses thrive on the internet. Regardless if your business is about movie screens or if it deals with clothes or food, the internet is still the place for you.

Aside from the actual physical world, the virtual world brings in a big portion of the revenue into businesses. Hence, investing in the right hosts for the web has become truly essential. If you’re quite new to the idea of web hosting, keep on reading to know more about hosting information.

Web Hosting

Web hosting service is an essential type of internet hosting service which enables individuals as well as organizations to make their websites accessible through the use of internet and the World Wide Web. These web hosts provide space on a server that is owned or leased for the clients’ use.

The Importance

One of the most effective and efficient ways of reaching out to your clients and customers and maximizing profits is by establishing a website that is easily and always accessible. This is where the importance of web hosting companies come in; these web hosts make this process possible.

When it comes to hosting websites, down time, or the time when your website is not accessible to online visitors,  is a major problem faced by individuals and organizations owning websites. Unfortunately, down time may last for a couple of seconds or worse, for several hours. And when your website is down, no purchases can be made nor can customers browse through your posted products or services. Simply put, you lose revenue when your websites cannot be accessed.

Fortunately, choosing the right web hosting company will help you get away from experiencing downtime. Furthermore, experiencing downtime is just one of the several problems business owners may face when handling websites. Malware attacks as well as other issues are also inevitable; having the right web host company, however, will mitigate and solve these problems.

hiring a web host

Web Hosting Services

When hiring a web hosting company, be guided by the following:

  • Research on the different types of web hosting.
  • Know or determine your web hosting needs.
  • Choose a web host that gives you the right bandwidth options depending on your website’s needs.
  • Choose a web host that ensures your website’s availability. A web host that can keep your website constantly online and accessible is a great service provider.
  • Choose a web host that offers day and night technical support. If not 24/7, choose a web host that will, at the very least, answer your questions and problems quickly.
  • If you are quite particular with how you want your website to work, you might want to choose a web host that will provide you technical freedom. Do inquire about this aspect.
  • Choose a web host that will secure protection for your website; that is, a host which has a great firewall, intrusion protection, etc.
  • Choose the right operating system, usually LINUX, when you build your website.

Very importantly, you first have to know what your web hosting needs are before signing up for a web hosting package. Following that, you may now be guided by the tips listed above.










All About Blow-Up Movie Screens: Are They A Great Choice?

best inflatable screen for home theater

Setting up your own mini cinema at home requires a lot of decision making. One of the things you’ll have to decide on is the type of movie screen you’re going to go for. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to choose from in the market and unfortunately, that actually makes the task, of deciding, harder. Thus, here at Linux – Backup, the goal is to help you get to know more about these screens.

Different Types of Screens

There are so many projector screens available in the market and generally they are divided between being fixed/mounted or portable. Some of the screens are the following:

  • Manual pull-down projector screens
  • Electric/Motorized wall projector screens
  • Fixed-frame projector screens
  • Portable projector screens

According to a market study by Technavio, portable screens have been predicted to grow at 7% between 2017 to 2021. Under portable projector screens are tripods, foldable frames, and inflatables. For this article, let’s focus more on discussing about inflatable projector screens.

Picking a projector for your needs is also important. We have two suggestions for that.  For higher end projectors units check out the Epson EX3220, it has great high end audio and visual processors for a great quality picture.

If that’s a little out of your budget I would suggest picking a cheaper unit like the Epson Home Cinema 2045. This is a great unit for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money.

inflatable screen material

Inflatable/Blow-Up Movie Screens

One of the best choices if you intend to go for something quick and easy to carry around is a blow-up projector screen. To get to know more about it, here are some of the advantages it offers:

  • Deflate feature

You simply need to press a button and the deflation feature automatically activates. There is no need to press or sit on the inflatable in order to force the air out. Once it’s completely deflated, you’ll easily be able to fold it and store it wherever you want to.

  • Portability

Portability usually means convenience. With inflatables, you won’t face any problem transporting it anywhere. If a friend wants to borrow it, you can simply put the folded deflated screen in a box or a tote to safely move it their place.

  • Easy to set up

Unlike other projector screens which might require the help of a handyman for a set-up, setting up inflatable screens can easily be done by yourself. For first time users, expect to have a little bit of challenge when setting this up since it’s something new. Nonetheless, the challenge is something you can easily overcome and ease into.

Things to Consider

  • Cost

The wisest decision is to not go for the cheapest one. If you want an inflatable screen that will last a long time and has great quality, you’ll have to go for something that is priced right. The lowest deals usually means that quality is compromised; thus, avoid making the mistake of choosing the cheapest initial cost.

  • Material

You’d want to go for a thick, water-resistant, durable material. Since inflatable screens are usually used outdoors, you’ll have to make sure that it is made of strong materials that will not easily get punctured. Additionally, go for metal spikes and avoid plastic ones.

If you are interested in knowing more about DIY Screens You Can Blow Up, feel free to do more research regarding the things that should be considered before purchasing one. Know that the factors listed above are only some, and not all, of the important ones.